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Trip Deadlines

November trip is full
November trip deadline: Friday, October 26th
December trip deadline: Friday, November 30th


We charge $12 per pound plus a delivery fee of $20. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot today by paying your $20 delivery fee

How It Works

We want to make this process as simple and easy to use for our missionary families. We ask that everything that you would like your missionary to receive be placed inside a zip lock bag. There is no size limit as to how big the bag could be. Example, you can send 1 gal bag, 2.5 gal bag, blue XL bag or even the clear vacuum sealed bag. There is no limit as to how many bags you can send either. We also have no restrictions on what you can send. If your missionary needs a retainer, camera, contact lenses with solution, debit card or even homemade treats, place them all inside the zip lock bag and we can deliver it. However if you are sending prescription medication please make sure that the paperwork the pharmacy gives you regarding the medication is included in the bag. Once your zip lock is ready please print out the missionary packing form and place a form in each bag you are sending. Depending on the size of your bag or bags you then place them in a box or envelope and mail it to us at the address below. Once we receive your package we will take your zip lock bag or bags out and weigh only the bags and invoice you for the weight of the package. We will only travel with the zip lock bag. We cannot accept boxes. Please no decorated boxes. We also travel with your packages in our carry-on luggage. If your package does not contain any liquids greater than 3oz or any sharp objects, please check the box on the missionary packing form that your package is safe to travel in our carry-on.

There are many ways Mission on the Fly can help you save time and money when sending your missionary a package.

  1. If you are sending store bought items only in your package, let us do the shopping for you. Email us your shopping list to missiononthefly@gmail.com and we will purchase the items for you, place them in a zip lock bag for you and will bill you for the weight of the package plus the items bought, in the invoice.
  2. If you need to purchase items from Amazon or any other internet site, have the items shipped directly to us. When you are completing your order please make sure that you add an "in care of: (your missionary's name)" line in the shipping address or include a gift receipt with your missionary's name and name of mission. If the item or items purchased through the internet are not the only items going into the zip lock bag we will add these items to the package you ship to us once we receive it. Please make sure you email us to let us know you are having things shipped to us and include what the items are and for who they are for and what mission they are going to.
  3. If you have several family members or friends sending packages to your missionary please note that you only pay ONE delivery fee per missionary per month. It is not necessary for each person sending a package to pay a delivery fee if it is all going to the same missionary.
  4. When shipping your package to us you can use this OPTIONAL service through My Missionary Shipping. This service is not affiliated with Mission on the Fly and you would have to set up an account with them directly to receive a savings of up to 40% on your shipping.

How to get us your Package:

Please mail us your package to:

Nancy Rios-Lazo
21229 E Tierra Grande Dr
Queen Creek, AZ  85142


Delivery Locations

We deliver all of your care packages for your missionaries in the following mission offices:

  • El Salvador San Salvador East
  • El Salvador San Salvador West/Belize
  • El Salvador Santa Ana

We can bring back packages from your missionary with our Cash on Delivery service. Your missionary will not be charged at the time of pickup. We will bill the missionary parent when we ship your son or daughter's package to their family within the United States at a cost of $5 per pound plus USPS shipping cost. Please ensure that your missionary has the package packed in a ziplock bag with the parents name and address with cell phone number written on a piece of paper and inside the ziplock bag. Their package needs to be at their mission office ready for pick up prior to our arrival.

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